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Clinical Instructor Certification

Published by Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education, Inc.

This Clinical Instructor Certification Course is primarily for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapy Assistants and delivered in 2 parts: this online course, and an onsite course once this prerequisite is completed. This online course covers all aspects of becoming a clinical instructor, from Clinical Curriculum development, to teaching and learning in the clinic, and reviews the roles and responsibilities of all parties involved in PT/PTA clinical education. Any health professional who provides clinical instruction may certainly benefit from this course as the principles taught are applicable outside of the PT profession. A PT/PTA outside of Texas seeking CCU credit in their own state, or a health professional outside of the PT profession seeking CCU credit could submit to their state or accrediting body CCU approval agency. The Texas Consortium would not be responsible for whether or not those approving agencies would grant CCU credit.

This course contains 12 sections:
• Introduction to Course • Vision and Professionalism • Communication • Benefits of Clinical Education Program • Key Stakeholders Roles & Relationships • Developing a Clinical Education Program • Teaching and Learning Principles • Behavior Objectives and Time Saving Ideas • Assessing Clinical readiness and Enhancing Clinical Learning • Clinical Reasoning • Feedback •Reflection

This course was developed by the Published by Texas Consortium for Physical Therapy Clinical Education, Inc. in collaboration with:
  • Co-Creators & Co-Editors: Chad Jackson and Mike Geelhoed
  • Content Contributors: Loretta Dillon, Steve Spivey, Jimmy Villers, Misty Miller, Dale Anderle, Nathan Burgess, Jenise Engelke, Shannon Williams, Anne O’Donnell, Tamra Bullard, Jennifer Bogardus

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